Lizzy Rago, a Art Instructor, Musician and all around creative sits down this week with us to chat about her travels and the influence of perspective helps those who seek art and those who seek self. Always encouraging a balance to be who you need to be when you're doing many skills at once and finding your path. 


Find more about her and her projects at:





Keep up to date with all things BrushesofDoom and Sacred 8 Studios


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Sitting down with the great and powerful master known as, Cheeseburger Champion. A pioneer in the tattooing world for pop culture and anime stylized tattooing. 



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Sitting down with the mighty morphin' master of letters. Talking about the importance of loving what you do no matter what. 


For more on 

Instagram: @Samtaylortattoos

head to to get all the links ! 

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Sitting down with the man, Matt Jordan, A tattoo artist from New Zealand 


Bringing the know how and what to know about pushing yourself further as an artist, person and never getting too old to learn new tricks 

For more: 

Song: Arrhythmic Palpitations

By: Dead to Me 

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Dbkaye, Also know as the infamous, Ben Kaye. A talented tattoo artist based out of New Zealand bringing some of the best work around sits down and talks about his techniques, travels and importance of always wanting to learn and matter how many plastic cups you must go through!

more at

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Sitting down with Artist, Visual Developer & Instructor, Yuhki Demers - @NinjaYuhki - 


Sitting down discussion his journey from the road to metal to many works of art that have touched our pop culture hearts. Most notable works to recently come out was, "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" 


For more head to


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Sitting down with some great and hilarious creators from central California, discussing their work, process and more about what made them being independent creators molding worlds of their own. 


Music: I don't Want Kids 

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Sitting down with, Vaden, Founder and Head of Santa Cruz Gamers. A great community that challenges gamers and artist to think about the content that we produce. 


Music by: Justin Townes Earl

Song: Hard Livin' (BBC Edition)

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Sean Cheetham sits down and shares a bit about his background in art and the drive to remember that sometimes if you just sit to measure a bit more you can achieve greatness. X's ADD proves Sean's theory. 

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WARNING NSFW +18 EPISODE (If you're offended by anything, leave)


Black Friday/ Thanksgiving Special! 1st annual Podwars is here! 

4 Players went in, 12 cases and 2 custody battles came out. 

To celebrate the holidays X sat down with fellow friends, family and hooligans to play a variety of games that ended up in Debauchery and douchbaggery 


Music: Tokyo Ska Paradise - "Brazil" 

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X talks to neo traditional artist, Adam Hathorn aka Honkey Kong going over the work and past of an illustrative artist who is holding down the fine line of New school and Old school in Southern, CA. 

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X sits down with master of Halloween Town artist, Iggy is a extremely dedicated guy who talks about his determination to create for him self, making a impact on whom ever is willing to look without care of validation which in turn truly makes art your own

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X, sits down with the man and master of knowledge/art and good times, Takhiro Kitmora, aka Taki. Taki is a California/Japan based artist that owns and operates State of Grace Tattoo in the Bay Area located smack dab in the center of the west coast. Taki, along with his wife, coworkers and many amazing artists over the past decade and a half have brought to you Books, stories and one of the last all artist based tattoo conventions around. They both talk about the importance of art, legacy and culture. In the belief that it is not limited to a culture itself but to the respect of it.


You can catch this and more at 

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X gets in more hot water with emails over bad jokes, Guest, Barry, discusses the importance of sacrifice to achieve goals; both personal and professionally. Special Guest, Thomas Horta comes in with Nutty Professor jokes as well as his perception of Art Education routes. 

Barry: @LoadedBrush

Thomas: @Artbythomashorta

Music: Hell and You - Amigo the Devil


For more:


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This is a podcast done over at the World of Pencils Podcast where I sat down with Jess Yen, A master and legend in the world of tattooing and art. This episode was so informative that I had to tell you all to go to to watch and listen to the podcast to see the beautiful work, supplies and techniques Jess shows. 

and be sure to give a follow to our friends over at World of Pencils Podcast!




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You can always find more at


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The amazing digital art of Mathew/Martin is brought to life from the story of an artist trying to see the world beyond whats around him 

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Special dual episode where I sit down with the amazing Blake Neubert to discuss his unique style of story telling with images of history, truth and the macabre. 

This is a listen from the first ever World of Pencils Podcast where you can catch Blake and others that you talk more about their work and travels. 

Follow him @BlakeNeubert



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On a Special episode of the podcast, I sit down with two pushers, podcasters and pretty rad dudes grinding in the Big Apple. Covering an extra long episode that shares a bit of themselves, myself and a bunch of nerd talk. 

Be sure to check them out and subscribe on iTunes at

Grime Life Podcast


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Master Paul Shipper, Artist/ ultimate nostalgic wrangler, And I live in one hour on Youtube/BrushesofDoom for this special weekend edition of the BODP. Meet the man behind the art.

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Kate Zambrano is an American artist who's work has been featured in books, magazines and galleries all over there world 

who has now found herself creating and curating in New York State, sharing her experiences from modeling to painter 



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Renowned painter and fine artist sits down to chat about how moving from one form of physical painting to another cheapness like seasons. Figuring out that what you want to do is not always a plan but a process that happens out of, paint, paint, paint and when you're done

Paint some more.

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BrushesofDoom Podcast #28 with David Cheifetz. Renowned painter and fine artist is sitting down with us to by pass the formalities of Who and where to bring a fully loaded pallet of techniques for you

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The amazing artist and art of Brian Lawver is a tale of torn comics, total dedication to your craft and knowing when you suck to start not sucking. 

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Sitting down with amazing artist Pencil/Inker Jay Leisten, discussing his background,techniques and stories about working as a penciler & inker for Marvel, DC and many other amazing art circles.

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The paint campers sat down together to share a bit about themselves with special guest Spacewolf. 

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Sitting down with the Man and Myth that is known only as, Space Wolf 

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this week we sit down with the amazing duo Kit King and Oda Paints Discussing their stories, techniques and lives over a live broadcast answering your questions. 

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Recap from Mario Barth's Largest Tattoo Show in Las Vegas with two artists who attended the seminars with artists: Shawn Barber, David Kassan, Micheal Hussar, Nikko Hurtado, BJ Betts and more. Also X, Cat and Daniel discuss influence from the different seminars and how they use them in their own professions. 

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Sitting down with the team behind Motive Art Company who runs World of Pencils, Art Motive and Inksav. Where we sit and collab podcast sharing a bit about Motive Art And BrushesofDoom 



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A master of his craft while still being a studenl, Jason Seiler sits down with use sharing advice on artists and the  importance of dedication and education

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We sat down with a few local artists at a local college to share a bit about our selves and what we do through a Piercing & Tattoo Seminar 

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Sitting Down with Mat Hurtado and Jamie Schene 

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Sitting down with the man & the myth of Sharing his stories and thoughts on Drumming, Business and Live. No Sacramento Kings were harmed during this Podcast.

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Sit down the the ever talented Serge Lysak who speaks about his travels as a musician and going from a passion to pursuit of happiness 

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Sitting down and chatting with a Cinematagropher whos humble nature matches his knowledge of film and practice. 

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Super power couple in art and general bring their topics of tattoos, painting and person voices in their heads 

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Sitting down with long time friend and family Ruthless and just sharing thoughts as well as advice from a artist in the busy highlife of the Travelling tattoo circut. 

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BODP- EP#3 Kenny "Slappy" Travis

Speaking with local artist Kenny Travis on his upbringing and views on art when you make due with what you have and turn ambition into reality

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