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Sitting down with Artist, Visual Developer & Instructor, Yuhki Demers - @NinjaYuhki - 


Sitting down discussion his journey from the road to metal to many works of art that have touched our pop culture hearts. Most notable works to recently come out was, "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" 


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Sitting down with, Vaden, Founder and Head of Santa Cruz Gamers. A great community that challenges gamers and artist to think about the content that we produce. 


Music by: Justin Townes Earl

Song: Hard Livin' (BBC Edition)

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WARNING NSFW +18 EPISODE (If you're offended by anything, leave)


Black Friday/ Thanksgiving Special! 1st annual Podwars is here! 

4 Players went in, 12 cases and 2 custody battles came out. 

To celebrate the holidays X sat down with fellow friends, family and hooligans to play a variety of games that ended up in Debauchery and douchbaggery 


Music: Tokyo Ska Paradise - "Brazil" 

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X talks to neo traditional artist, Adam Hathorn aka Honkey Kong going over the work and past of an illustrative artist who is holding down the fine line of New school and Old school in Southern, CA. 

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X sits down with master of Halloween Town artist, Iggy is a extremely dedicated guy who talks about his determination to create for him self, making a impact on whom ever is willing to look without care of validation which in turn truly makes art your own

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BrushesofDoom Podcast #28 with David Cheifetz. Renowned painter and fine artist is sitting down with us to by pass the formalities of Who and where to bring a fully loaded pallet of techniques for you

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The amazing artist and art of Brian Lawver is a tale of torn comics, total dedication to your craft and knowing when you suck to start not sucking. 

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Sitting down with the Man and Myth that is known only as, Space Wolf 

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this week we sit down with the amazing duo Kit King and Oda Paints Discussing their stories, techniques and lives over a live broadcast answering your questions. 

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We sat down with a few local artists at a local college to share a bit about our selves and what we do through a Piercing & Tattoo Seminar 

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Sitting down and chatting with a Cinematagropher whos humble nature matches his knowledge of film and practice. 

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Super power couple in art and general bring their topics of tattoos, painting and person voices in their heads 

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