Sitting down with the mighty morphin' master of letters. Talking about the importance of loving what you do no matter what. 


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Instagram: @Samtaylortattoos

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Sitting down with the man, Matt Jordan, A tattoo artist from New Zealand 


Bringing the know how and what to know about pushing yourself further as an artist, person and never getting too old to learn new tricks 

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Song: Arrhythmic Palpitations

By: Dead to Me 

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Dbkaye, Also know as the infamous, Ben Kaye. A talented tattoo artist based out of New Zealand bringing some of the best work around sits down and talks about his techniques, travels and importance of always wanting to learn and matter how many plastic cups you must go through!

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Sitting down with Artist, Visual Developer & Instructor, Yuhki Demers - @NinjaYuhki - 


Sitting down discussion his journey from the road to metal to many works of art that have touched our pop culture hearts. Most notable works to recently come out was, "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" 


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Sitting down with some great and hilarious creators from central California, discussing their work, process and more about what made them being independent creators molding worlds of their own. 


Music: I don't Want Kids 

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Sitting down with, Vaden, Founder and Head of Santa Cruz Gamers. A great community that challenges gamers and artist to think about the content that we produce. 


Music by: Justin Townes Earl

Song: Hard Livin' (BBC Edition)

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