this week we sit down with the amazing duo Kit King and Oda Paints Discussing their stories, techniques and lives over a live broadcast answering your questions. 

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Recap from Mario Barth's Largest Tattoo Show in Las Vegas with two artists who attended the seminars with artists: Shawn Barber, David Kassan, Micheal Hussar, Nikko Hurtado, BJ Betts and more. Also X, Cat and Daniel discuss influence from the different seminars and how they use them in their own professions. 

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Sitting down with the team behind Motive Art Company who runs World of Pencils, Art Motive and Inksav. Where we sit and collab podcast sharing a bit about Motive Art And BrushesofDoom 



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A master of his craft while still being a studenl, Jason Seiler sits down with use sharing advice on artists and the  importance of dedication and education

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We sat down with a few local artists at a local college to share a bit about our selves and what we do through a Piercing & Tattoo Seminar 

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Sitting Down with Mat Hurtado and Jamie Schene 

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Sitting down with the man & the myth of Sharing his stories and thoughts on Drumming, Business and Live. No Sacramento Kings were harmed during this Podcast.

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