Master Paul Shipper, Artist/ ultimate nostalgic wrangler, And I live in one hour on Youtube/BrushesofDoom for this special weekend edition of the BODP. Meet the man behind the art.

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Kate Zambrano is an American artist who's work has been featured in books, magazines and galleries all over there world 

who has now found herself creating and curating in New York State, sharing her experiences from modeling to painter 



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Renowned painter and fine artist sits down to chat about how moving from one form of physical painting to another cheapness like seasons. Figuring out that what you want to do is not always a plan but a process that happens out of, paint, paint, paint and when you're done

Paint some more.

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BrushesofDoom Podcast #28 with David Cheifetz. Renowned painter and fine artist is sitting down with us to by pass the formalities of Who and where to bring a fully loaded pallet of techniques for you

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